Soul Scale Exercises for Improvisation + Guitar Tab

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The 'new' Soul Scale is unique as it contains the major and minor 3rd – the Ying Yang if you like of Jazz and Blues. Assimilating and controlling these 2 sounds is of fundamental importance to the improvisor.

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In this video, Mariano Delgado, ace guitarist from Buenos Aires, is going to demonstrate some of the exercises from the Soul Scale Exercises PDF. This Jazzduets resource is made for all treble instruments and can be a great intermediate level practice.


PDF Resource:

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The original Video for all instruments, featuring Saxophone, is here:
Mariano's trio


If you want to improve your Jazz improvisation, Jazzduets is your learning resource! I, Nick, am a nongenius musician who has evolved his play through hard practice and theory study. I share my studies at for most Jazz instruments like Guitar, Saxophone, Piano, Clarinet, Trumpet, Bass and more. All music classes are sorted by level, from beginner, intermediate to advanced. Recently I have published two fully-digital online video courses on Jazzduets.


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